Tools for Enterococcus faecalis research

Transposon libraries

We currently house and distribute the Enterococcus faecalis OG1RF transposon libraries that were developed in Gary Dunny's lab at the University of Minnesota.  This collection consists of 6,829 Tn mutants spread across 73 96-well plates.  The collection is available in pooled format (ideal for TnSeq or selection assays) as well as in arrayed format (ideal for microtiter-based screens or pulling individual mutants of interest).  The pooled library and individual mutants are available at no cost (other than shipping).  The full arrayed library is available for a fee to offset the labor and materials required to make more copies of this resource.  We also have an additional sub-library containing ~2,000 Tn mutations in uncharacterized genes and intergenic regions.  This library is available in pooled format.



We maintain freezer stocks of the antibodies generated in the Dunny lab.  Available antibodies and other details can be found here.